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This is the Californian or valley Quail. They are numerous in the foot hills of Salt Lake City. This one was sitting in our back yard.
Sugarhouse Park Utah 2011A Californian or valley Quail are common in the foothill in Salt Lake City.Sugarhouse Park, Salt Lake City 2011Salt Lake City, Utah, 2-12Antelope Island, Salt Lake CityAntelope Island, Salt Lake CityAntelope Island, Salt Lake 2011Antelope Island, Salt Lake 2011Burrowing Owl, Antelope Island, Salt Lake City 2011Dry Creek, Salt Lake City, 2012Little Dell reservoir, 2012Little Dell reservoir, 3-2-13Mt Olympus, Salt Lake City, 2012Mount Olympus, Utah, 2012Crest trail, Salt Lake City, 2012City Creek, Salt Lake City, 2011City Creek, Salt Lake City 2011Millcreek Canyon 2011Millcreek Canyon 2011Millcreek Canyon 2011

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