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Desolation Canyon Trail 10-15-13Pinebrook bike-13Mt Olympus trail view 10-12-13Sugarhouse ParkAsterScanning EM of a T lymphoblast surrounded by sheep red blood cells. E-rosetteSouth Salt Lake City 2012IndiaLower part of Mt Olympus trail with view of south SLC 9-21-13Big Cottonwood Canyon 2012Sugarhouse Park, 9-13-13Otter 9-1-13Kiwi 9-1-13Gillean's garden 8-24-13Gillean's garden 8-24-13Gillean's garden 8-24-13Gillean's garden 8-27-13Gillean's garden 8-27-13Gillean's garden 8-28-13Spiro trail, Park City 8-20-13

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